Every month HLR receives many submissions from independent artists and record labels. We can’t give them all airplay but we do try to feature the best. The HLR New Submissions and Releases Chart keeps you in touch with the very best. Best of all, you can vote to move your favourite tracks up and down […]

HLR, in association with The Pavilion, Heckington are delighted to announce:-

Yes, that’s right – we’ve added an app (called a ‘PWA’) to our website, so you can go to radiohlr with one click on your device’s home screen! Progressive Web Apps are a new technology that combines the best of mobile web and the best of mobile apps to create a superior mobile web experience. […]

Please note that the HLR Party that was due to take place in October is now postponed until Spring 2023. We’ll announce a new date as soon as possible.

‘Soaper’, aka James and Krim Palmer, rocked Heckfest 2022 on Saturday with their epic grunge set and now they’re rocking Mixcloud. HLR managed to record most of their set and, thanks to Chris, the sound man, it’s a great recording. This local duo from Sleaford play 90s Grunge-inspired hard rock and boy, can they play […]

The recording from the gig at the Pavilion is now available on catch up.

TUESDAY 26th JULY 2022 In light of how well the first Stranglers Special was received, we’re doing another one, especially for Stranglers fans. As before, there will be music from the Meninblack themselves, from their solo careers, covers and Stranglers inspired material – tracks you’ve heard and tracks you’ve never heard. So tune in live […]

We began the warm-up for The Inheritors at The Pavilion gig on July 1st with a Stranglers Special. It features music from The Stranglers, from the solo careers of Dave, Hugh, JJ and some of the other Stranglers that have been in the band over the years, and from other artists influenced by the mighty […]

We’ve discovered that when listeners press the ‘Pause’ button on the website player, the stream is paused, rather than stopped. When the listener presses ‘Play’ again, the stream resumes from the point at which it was paused. We don’t yet know for how long the pause holds the stream position but have tested it up […]

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