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Become a presenter

Becoming a presenter on HLR is much easier than you might think. You need no professional or technical experience, or specialist knowledge. It is lots of fun and you don’t need lots of expensive equipment.

Click the boxes below to find out more and, if you’re interested, get in touch.

A Windows PC, laptop, iMac, MacPro or MacBook with a wired internet connection and (very preferably) a line or mic input and headphone output sockets

A studio quality microphone, stand and cable, with the right plug for your computer. We use Sennheiser 825S mics (but there are cheaper alternatives). Stands can be floor standing or desk mounted

A pre-amplifier or small mixer, in case your microphone needs amplifying or you want to have more than one microphone (for guests)

A pair of wired, padded headphones so that the audio won’t be picked up by your mic. We use Sennheiser HD206’s.

Software to arrange your playlist, mix your music, cue your microphone and stream it to HLR to Live365. We use MIXXX which is free from

You will also need to install the correct LAME MP3 encoder for your operating system.

Music to play during your show, without repeating too many tracks from the same artist or album (there are rules about this which we can explain)

Music tracks must be in MP3 format, tagged with artist, track, album and album artist and should be >= 192kbps 44.100kHz

You will need the software necessary to convert, tag and level your music files. There is lots of free and paid solutions available, for example Normalizer from Amvidia.