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Dan Kirouac has been a lifelong Massachusetts resident as well as a drummer, pianist, guitarist, singer, and songwriter since the early 1980s.  He is particularly a fan of Beatles music and other pop and rock groups who make vocal harmonies a recognizable part of their sound.
He stumbled upon HLR Community radio one day while researching radio stations worldwide that might be open to airing independently-released original music as well as the mainstream hits by bigger artists.  Fortunately, he was able to find like-minded friends in the HLR family and soon was selecting music for an automated program.  Within a couple months he had developed a weekly program titled The Massachusetts Experience with friend and fellow musician Sean Fullerton.  The show airs national artists and lesser-known musicians who have considered Massachusetts a home base or have written songs thematic of the New England/northeast USA region.  Dan lives with his wife Holly, their sweet Calico cat  Pebbles, and enjoys traveling to warmer climates whenever possible.

More information can be found on Dan’s Facebook Page or his Music Facebook Page