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Captain Chris / Presenter

Captain Chris shows

Rev Captain Chris began his involvement with HLR back in 2020 when he took up HLR’s offer to broadcast church services for our Christian friends at St Andrew’s Heckington. Little did he know that over two years later he’d still be making his ‘Worship From The Rectory’ programmes. They have become a staple of HLR’s community offering. But it didn’t and doesn’t stop there. Because Chris has a love of music, being an accomplished musician himself and a devotee of Prog Rock and favourites, Genesis. So when the chance to present a music show came up, Chris grabbed it with both hands and his ‘Sounds from the sunny side’ shows are a huge success. Chris records his shows, or at least the introductions which are then pieced together by HLR Studio 1 though, to listen to them, you’d never know they were not live. We all love working with Chris through HLR. We hope you enjoy listening to his shows.