Change to tonight’s (Friday) HLR Schedule. From 8pm-9pm Tim and Him Next Door will do The Northern Soul Show, and then from 9pm-10pm Martin will do a Friday Night Live. www.radiohlr.com

‘Not Lost Anymore’ by Alla Turovskaya, a new play coming to HLR on Wednesday, 15th June at 7pm, repeated Friday, 17th June at 11am. Alla wrote ‘Not Lost Anymore’ last year but, since then, her life has changed forever. She fled Putin’s Russia recently. Alla says that the war in Ukraine has torn her heart apart. […]

Martin is covering this week’s Friday Night show (10th June), from 8-10pm with music from TV & film. We hope you will join him! Soul67 will be back with ‘Soultime‘ next week.

Tonight, Andy and I will be back on the air hosting Music Talks. Tonights topic will be about Music and Emotions. Why do we listen to that song when we’re feeling down? That artist’s lyrics always pick me up! Why do we put that track on to get motivated? It’s a lazy day, let’s put […]

We’re delighted to announce that The Inheritors gigThe Inheritors Live on 1st July is now SOLD OUT!

With June’s show nearly upon us and the debut talk show completed, we’ve decided at Music Talks and HLR, we need to perhaps have a theme each month with the talk show to help keep listeners engaged and interacting! This month we will be leaning on the theme of music and emotions. We all have […]

Next weekend, Diane Davies and Sean Searl will be starting a three-part special, rap and hip-hop music show on HLR. It will be 40 year journey from 1979-2019. The show dates are Saturday 4th June at 10.30pm Saturday 18th June at 10.30pm Saturday 2nd July at 10.30pm Hope you can join us in the live lounge […]

Kei Bailey joins us on Tuesday for what promises to be a fantastic ‘My Life in Music’. Kei has been a great friend to HLR and is a great mate of Trish and I, so we’re especially excited about having him on the show. We hope you will be able to join us. That’s 8-10pm, […]

THANK YOU to all the groups who took part and to everyone who came and voted at ‘Heckington Coming Together’ today. Astonishingly, 174 of you did! So many, in fact, that we ran out of voting slips – twice! A special thanks to Simon and Anna at the Pavilion for hosting the event for FREE […]

Host Ukrainian Refugees Lincolnshire Network‘s Jonathan Hoare and Borys (Borys and his mother are from Ukraine and are staying with Jonathan) were featured on Davey Bee’s Sunday morning show this week, which was LIVE from Rauceby Hall. Hurlnet is a Facebook group for volunteers, set up in response to the frustration that many were feeling […]

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