The Inheritors, LIVE from The Pavilion, Heckington

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Great news - On Friday we are aiming to stream the whole of The Inheritors gig from The Pavilion, Heckington live on HLR. So, if you don't have tickets you can still experience this fantastic band live, in all their glory!


If the tech works, then we will also stream video for the first time, marking the debut of HLRTV!

To do this, we won’t be broadcasting on our usual Live365 channel. Instead we’ll be broadcasting on Mixcloud Live (if you’d prefer, you will still be able to listen to music on our regular stream – though there will be live music programme this week, as we’ll be at the Pavilion!).

So, on Friday tune in to the feed from the Pavilion via our Mixcloud page to see The Inheritors LIVE.

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