Music Talks in June

Written by on 1 June 2022

With June’s show nearly upon us and the debut talk show completed, we’ve decided at Music Talks and HLR, we need to perhaps have a theme each month with the talk show to help keep listeners engaged and interacting!

This month we will be leaning on the theme of music and emotions. We all have emotions when we listen to music, good and bad, in fact, we quite often find ourselves tuning into a particular playlist, artist or song to enhance our mood. I say enhance as you may say “why would we want to enhance a sad or depressed mood”, but in reality, when you put that song on which makes you cry and reminds you of a time which hurt you, you are in fact enhancing that emotion and feeling. Something human’s are addicted to in someways!

Music can play a huge role in someones mental health and having experienced this first hand, music has helped me escape issues circling my life at the time. Of course, escapism is only temporary, but for that time, the music helped. Hey, this is why music therapy exists, there is something in the frequency that gets deep in our soul.

So, if you’re up for chatting in the live lounge and sharing your own experiences or perhaps you just want to listen in and see if others feel the same as you, get yourself tuned in to HLR on Tuesday 7th June from 20:00!

We look forward to chatting the show away and seeing just how some of us feel and why we do with certain songs, artists and more!

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